Welcome to Our Adventure

Blandford Scout Group was founded in 1910 and has grown over the years to it's current strength.

Many young people and adults from Blandford and the surrounding area enjoy their Scouting adventure with us!

We are inclusive to any gender, religion and support those with additional needs.

The whole 'Group' incorporates:

2x Beaver Scout  Colonies 

Deer Park & Riversdale

2x Cub Scout Packs 

Shottsford & Portman

1x Scout Troop 

Stour Valley

Plus the Executive Committee

who help maintain the hut, equipment, safety and accounting

All details about each section is below

The Group is led by a Scout Group Leader (GSL)

Sam Elliott

email: blandfordscoutgroup@gmail.com


No adults get paid for Scouting in Blandford

(Explorer Scouts aged 14-18 years old meet at our HQ but are run from a District level, if you contact us we can pass on details to Explorer Leaders)

Our Sections of Scouting

Beaver Scouts



Cub Scouts


AGED 8 - 10 ½ YEARS



AGED 10½ and 14 YEARS

Our Headquarters


We are a very privileged Scout group to have our own Hut and Grounds.

We hire out the HQ to the local community.


St George's Celebrations 2019


Mayor's Scout


The outgoing Mayor, Cllr Roger Carter thanked Owen Brightman for Mayors Scout 2018-2019.

Cllr Lynn Lindsay the new mayor for 2019-2020 presented Abigail Wheeler with her sash as she was chosen to be Mayors Scout

Town Council Easter Egg Hunt


Blandford Town Council invited us to serve refreshments for their Easter Egg Hunt event during the Easter holidays.

Big thank you to the Beavers that helped at this event, it was a lovely couple of hours in the Woodhouse Gardens!

Doughnut AGM 2019!


Thank you to all the families that came to support his years AGM! Due to the rain we had to change plans of outdoor relay games to a beetledrive indoors. It's great to start a new year with all key committee roles filled and we had another parent offer to join the committee

Cape to Cape the Grand Tour


A spectacle of more than 40 classic cars competed in a grand odyssey of a rally which began at Cape Trafalgar in Spain. Lots of Scouts turned up to show support in welcoming the cars as they passed through Blandford.


Georgian Fayre 2019


This year we were in The Crown garden which was great. Lots of visitors to the stall. We had the biggest tombola we have ever seen!

Thank you to all adults and Scouts that helped out throughout the day!

Pride Parade


July 2019

We took part in our first Pride Parade in Bournemouth, it was great! 

ABW School Fair


July 2019

Thank you to Baloo (Shelley) for running this fun fundraising event 

First Aiders


September 2019

Many thanks to our Leaders who volunteered to be First Aiders for a local event

Table Top Sale


September 2019

Blandford Scout Hut


Leaders Family Camp


September 2019

Blandford Scout Hut

Camping Adult Leader Training


Well done to Toby and Darren (Scout Leaders) for attending this training over a whole, very cold, November weekend with other Leaders from across the County.

Christmas Tree Festival 2019


This years theme was 'Light'. We had Beaver colourful stars, Cub glow worms and Scout Campfire around the bottom of the tree. The Lodge Leaders, Sixers and Patrol Leaders did a great job of decorating for their sections. 

Blandford Yuletide Festival 2019


We had lots of donations and lots of volunteers for this years Yuletide. Thank you to all the barrier Marshalls and to all the Scouts that helped on the stall, you all did a fantastic job as usual!



We had 3 Scouts starring in this years Poole Lighthouse Pantomine! We saw Tom and we thought he was brilliant. We had 76 young people and adults from the Group who came along... oh yes we did! 

Leaders Christmas Meal


December 2019

The Crown Hotel, Blandford

Most Leaders came and we had a brilliant meal and boogie on the dance floor!

New Lights Installed January 2020


HUGE THANK YOU to Reece Adams (scout parent) and his super dooper helpers for giving up their valuable Christmas holiday time to fit lots of external lighting  free of labour charge! This will make the hut much safer.

New for 2020


Biodegradable Leather Woggles

We have stopped purchasing non-biodegradable plastic Scout woggles.

We are now sourcing them from the 'WoggleMakers' who hand-make biodegradable eco-friendly leather woggles.

We can help save the planet one woggle at a time!


Badge Envelopes

We previously used plastic bags to award all the badges that Scouts had earnt, but we have now changed to a GREENER alternative, brown paper envelopes, 100% recyclable. Not a cheaper option but much better for the environment!


History of Blandford Scout Group

Members of Blandford Scout Group can be identified by their distinctive black and gold edged neckerchiefs.

Our Group badge depicts the Pump House, built by the Bastard Brothers in 1760, after the fire of 1731, so that water would be available to the town. The building within is our Scout HQ. The orange at the top is the glow of the 1731 fire, the green below is the water meadows and the blue wavy line is the river Stour which passes through Blandford town.

Articles from 1910

We have copies of a couple of articles from 1st Blandford Troop in 1910. If you have any lovely stories or history of the Scout Group do get in touch, anything from 1910 to the present day is welcome!


Blandford Rocks!


In 2018 Blandford Scout Group created a community activity of decorating rocks and hiding them around town to help make the community smile. A facebook group was created to keep an eye on where rocks are being hid or where they are being found!

In the Woodhouse gardens a local resident has created a box to put the decorated stones in so that they can be taken by anyone to keep or rehide!

Registered Charity Number : 1020421