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Beaver Scouts

Beaver Scouts are our youngest members.

They enjoy all that Scouting has to offer; being introduced to outdoor activities, having the opportunity to be creative, explore their local community and experience the excitement of a Beaver Scout Sleepover with their friends.

Beaver Scouts are young people aged between 6 and 8 years old.  There is core flexibility in the age range:  young people can join from age 5¾, and can move to Cubs between age 7½ and 8½.

Deer Park Beaver Scout Colony

Meet on Monday's

Led by Atlas and assisted by Pegasus

Riversdale Beaver Scout Colony

Meet on Wednesday's

Led by Orion and assisted by Nash

These two colonies work together but may run separate activities/programs depending on what badge work needs to be completed by their young people. All trips and events will be open to all!

Learn More

Have a look on The Scouts website for more information about Beaver Scouts inc. Structure, Activities, The Promise & Law, Uniform and Badges.

Parents Guide to Beaver Scouts

The Parent’s Guides are designed to give parents a brief introduction to the section, explain the types of activities young people take part in and highlight the skills young people will gain.

Position of badges on uniform (Beaver Scouts)

Find out where to place Beaver Scout badges and awards on the uniform.

beaver news

Glow in the dark


Beat the January blues with Glow sticks!! Lots of fun had during this evening. Stuck glow sticks all over clothes, turn the lights off and perform a show for the rest of the colony

Santa's Workshop Sleepover


28 Beavers attended this brilliant event.

They made salt dough decorations, paper snowflakes, decorated Christmas biscuits, made cork Santa decorations. They made huge sleighs from boxes, enjoyed a film and a roast dinner with crackers!

Damboree Summer Camp 2018


A weekend at Ferny Crofts for the 1st Beaver Damboree. Beavers did crate stacking, go karting, pond dipping, an awesome assault course and made/cooked pizza's in the outdoor fired oven

Making Fire!


Beavers learnt how to strike a fire using flint and steel. Each little fire lit contributed to a larger fire where they roasted marshmallows and sung campfire songs... The Mango Song obviously a favourite!

Emergency Aid Stage 1


All Beavers were awarded their Emergency Aid Stage 1 badges. They learnt when/how to call 999, how to help someone who is unconscious, help someone who is bleeding and reassuring someone at the scene of an emergency

Beaver Angel Tree Decorations


Beavers learnt these unusual knots to create a Beaver Angel for the Blandford Christmas Tree Festival



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