Nights Away


Nights Away Notification Form

The form below provides the our District Commissioner requires to approve an event to take place. 

Each group attending a Nights Away event (even a County or District event)will need to provide this information!

Please send all completed forms (at least 14 days prior to event) to:

Simon Young, DC - 

You could copy Sam Elliott  (GSL) in too -

Nights Away Permit

A Nights Away Permit allows you to lead nights away events for young people within Scouting. It shows people in Scouting, the young people and their parents that you have the necessary skills and experience to be able to lead these important events.  The Nights Away Permit Scheme is a national scheme, so when you have a permit it will allow you to lead nights away events for young people from any District or County. Each permit can be tailored to the level of your skills, experience and requirements, meaning that restrictions may be placed on such matters as areas, venues or group sizes. This ensures that you can lead events at the right level.

Local Campsites

Buddens - Scout Adventures Centre - Wareham

Butchers Coppice - Wallisdown

Assessment Checklist for a Nights Away Permit

Download to check you have covered everything you need to for your nights away event

Grocery LIst for camps/sleepovers

Grocery List (xls)