Thank you for agreeing to become a parent helper.

To help you settle in and be part of the team we have outlined some useful information below.

We have a safeguarding policy and there is a yellow card reference card at

Please read through the do’s and don’ts. I am sure you will understand this policy keeps our young people and adults safe.

  • Our bullying policy is visible on the notice board in the entrance hall; feel free to have a read.
  • Listen to the Scouts and encourage them to participate in the activities.
  • Interact with the Scouts helping them with activities and generally encouraging them to try their best. Encourage them to find the solutions to tasks themselves by working in a team.
  • Encourage Scouts to join in the games and help to referee and ensure fair play!
  • Try to avoid staying close to your own child encourage them to work away from you, both of you will have more fun!
  • If you are asked to get out tables, they are found in the cupboard to the right hand side of the boys/disabled toilets. Chairs are also found here.
  • Beaver's refreshments are stored in blue buckets in the Beaver cupboard (the tall blue cupboard to the right of the fire exit door in the carpeted hall).
  • Last, but not least, have FUN and enjoy the activities.

If you are unable to do a date you have selected please swap with another parent and please let us know.

A copy of this will be placed on the noticeboard in the hall for reference.

Younger children may accompany you on your rota evening but they remain your responsibility at all times.

If you have any queries or concerns at all don’t hesitate to contact the Beaver leadership team or Sam Elliott, Group Scout Leader of Blandford Scout Group